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Signature Comedy Cocktails

Enjoy Signature Comedy-themed cocktails on the night. Tag your drink online with @leedervillecomedy and the comedian the drink is named after, and you could be in the draw to win a free drink on the next show! 

Mango Szubanski

Sweet with a little bit of sass. A daiquiri featuring rum, mango and sumac

Steve Martini

A classic espresso cocktail named for a classic comedian. Vodka, Tia Maria, maple syrup and cold brew.

Steve Martini.jpg
Cherry Seinfeld 2.jpg
Cherry Seinfeld 2.jpg

Cherry Seinfeld

Gin, peach, jasmine, cherry blossom. Just like the TV show about nothing, there's no actual cherries in this.

Margarita Cho

Delicious and fiery. Tequila, lime, chili agave, coriander.

Joe Rogan Negroni.jpg

Joe Rogan Negroni

Gin, campari, vermouth, nectarine, and thyme. All the ingredients needed to enjoy a good podcast episode on the use of psychadelics in ancient Babylon. The perfect accompaniment with steaks from the wild yak you and your Mongol horseman cohost took down with a single arrow to the temple, in the Siberian side of the Gobi desert. Mark my words, you will witness a UFO on this voyage.

Ben Distiller

Whisky, strawberry, basil, soda. Perfect to go with a solid blue steel gaze.

Gin Jefferies.png

Gin Jefferies

Gin and tonic, like the man messing around

Shandy Samberg

Classic pub shandy. Beer and lemonade to quench your thirst on a lonely island.

Chris on the rocks.png

Chris on the Rocks

Whisky of the month served on some ice cold enough to keep the swelling down

The Heckler

That part of the evening no one asked for. Delivered exclusively by the Water Corporation. For when you get a little too excited and need a glass of tap water and a quiet sit-down.

The Heckler.png

New Cocktails 

New cocktails will be released over time. Enjoy Tina Coladas, Samantha Beelini's, Dave Schnapelles, Clive Palomas and many more. Ask our friendly team for what's on the horizon!

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