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At the Leederville Precinct

Running throughout the year, the Leederville Comedy Club is pleased to bring you the best of Perth's Fringe World Festival here at your doorstep. Handpicking the best comedy events to feature touring comedians here for the festival!

Fringe World at the Leederville Comedy Club - comedy showcase of the best acts int he festival

Get ready for a night of non-stop laughter with the FRINGE COMEDY SHOWCASE: Suburban Edition! 

This top-tier show features a lineup of award-winning comedians, handpicked as the best of the festival, all convening right in the heart of your neighbourhood at the Leederville Comedy Club.

Experience the buzz of FRINGE WORLD's finest without venturing far—our touring lords of laughter are dropping into town for a comedy extravaganza that brings the spirit and hilarity of the festival straight to your doorstep!

FEB 10 & 17 

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Traffic Light Game

Where you decide if the comedian gets paid or not!

Every Thursday at Leederville Comedy Club, join us for a unique audience-participatory game during FRINGE WORLD. Featuring a dozen comedians the lineup to entertain you, and it's your call – should the comedian get paid or not? Wave your paddles high; more green means they get paid, more red and they'll leave with nothing!

Here's the twist: if the comedian doesn't win, their would-be earnings go straight to the Black Dog Institute to support mental health. So, come along for a cheeky, fun-packed game where there's more at stake than just laughs – it's comedy with a heart, and you're in the driver's seat!

Every Thursday upstairs 

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Traffic Light Game is Perth's most fun and exciting interactive comedy experience! At the Leederville Comedy Club
Experimental Comedy Club is the best Fringe World show - rated 5 stars every year by Fringe Feed. This is the place to be on a Tuesday night during the Festival

Experimental Comedy Club

An emotional rollercoaster of hilarity and dumpster fires

"Wall-to-wall comedy at this show. A jam-packed dead-to-rights laugh factory." ★★★★★ Josh Woodward, FringeFeed, 2022

"It is better than any ‘best of’ shows at FRINGE" ★★★★★ FringeFeed, 2023

"Dropped in after a 35-hour flight! Great room! Comedy!" Mark Normand

Be prepared to be taken on an emotional rollercoaster featuring over a dozen comedians where anything could happen! See something wonderful and creative in the making for a future Netflix Special...along with the occasional dumpster fire, come roll the dice with us!

Every Tuesdays upstairs

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2 and a half regular men

After a SOLD OUT run in FRINGE WORLD 2023, 2 and a Half Regular Men return, bigger and better!

This show features three regular men, who all happen to be stand up comedians as well.

With three distinct styles, you'll enjoy 3x 20-minute sets from Perth's finest comedy talent you probably haven’t heard of.

Thursdays & Saturday - check dates

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Jared Duggan and Evan Willey are a force. Check out their best-selling showcase at the Leederville Comedy Club.
Leederville Comedy Club

A Tour de Farce

All Out Comedy Offensive

Military mates,  Jarryd Goundrey, Jared Duggan, and Mick Gledhill, are keen to share a laugh with you about their service days.

Jarryd, an ex-Army grunt, deploys his keen eye for comedy to spin a few war stories about the holes he dug himself into during his time in the bush.

Mick, who had a go in the Air Force building telecommunications towers, adds a fair bit of military discipline and no-nonsense humor to the mix.

Jared, once a Navy sailor, anchors the crew, and laughs at himself and the mischeif that goes on at sea.

Their shared experiences on deployments and the highs and lows of military life create a genuine tight-knit bond, making "A Tour De Farce" a show that's all about celebrating the true-blue resilience and mateship of our Aussie veterans.

Feb 3rd - Red Room Upstairs

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