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Ready for a night of non-stop laughs and the power to decide who stays and who goes? Grab your mates and head down to the most interactive comedy show in town – the Traffic Light Game!

🚦🎭 Join the Fun at the Traffic Light Game! 🎭🚦

We're serving up a comedy challenge with a unique twist! You’ll hold the power of a green or a red paddle. Comedians have just 3 minutes to impress. Show your love with green OR let them know it’s not your style with red.

The Exciting Part!

Comedians who see more green paddles at the end of their set get to entertain you for another 2 minutes and get in the chance to earn a cash prize for their performance. More reds? It's a quick exit for them!

Why You Can’t Miss Out:

🤣 A night filled with laughter and unexpected turns. 🎉 Feel the thrill – will you be one of the chosen few with a paddle? 🍻 Great venue, perfect for a night out with food and drinks. 🌟 Discover and support new comedy talent. 🎟️ A comedy event unlike any other

🎤 Are You the Next Comedy Sensation? We want you!🎤

Reckon you've got what it takes to crack up the crowd?


We’re calling all comedians – from seasoned pros to fresh faces – to step into the spotlight at our Traffic Light Game! 


This is the perfect platform to test your jokes, grow your fan base, and experience the thrill of live comedy. Don’t miss this ripper opportunity to shine and show what you've got. To throw your hat in the ring, come check out the show, speak to our friendly staff, we'll give you guidance to join the standup comedy renaissance – let’s see if you can keep the reds at bay and the greens coming!

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